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Aranda-De Vries

The Winery

Our winery is the smallest winery in the area.

It was born from the expectation of creating and developing a good wine from absolute respect for nature and its processes. For us, winemaking is equal to a creative and artistic process; the best conditions are offered and it is allowed to develop with the minimum oenological intervention.

The philosophy of our winery is to bring together art, culture, respect for the land, love for the labour and awareness in each intervention and throughout the process, ultimately sharing the enjoyment with others, translated into a glass of wine.

In our bottles there is art that you can drink; It has aromatic colors you’ll find in the fields of Soria and poetic flavours.

We make 2000 numbered and well-cared for bottles to faithfully represent our ideas about the combination of good and beauty.

Physically the winery has 2 sections. The central building with its 3 separate spaces; one for handling, one for fermentation and the third for barrels. All the spaces are set with poems written especially for this place. We think that since wine is something alive that absorbs everything, the artistic and aromatic atmosphere in the winery makes sense.

In the barrel room, we also created the environment and natural aromas that surround the vine and the grape in its growing season through the presence of aromatic plants from the vineyard itself.

The last stage of wine aging takes place in the bottle in the traditional underground cellar, dug into the earth about 300 years ago, in order to keep the wine in an optimal environment between 10 and 12 degrees at all times, oblivious to changing temperatures of the outside.

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