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The wine

The wine DUALIDAD is a 'crianza' cultivated from old vines of Fino Tinto / Tempranillo. Vines that are over 100 years old. With the aim of achieving the maximum expression of the grape and its environment, this wine is made, respecting the natural processes and the time that it needs to evolve.

The wine first ages for 12 months in French and American oak barrels, surrounded by poetry. Then it stays bottled for a minimum of 6 months in the optimal environment of our 300 years old excavated wine cellar.

In the whole process we do not add any chemical or synthetic product; not even sulfites. It is a Natural Wine, as we understand this: a wine that fully reflects its natural flavours and the aromas of its origin; the plot of land and the circumstances of the climate of each vintage, arising from its own evolution without having had many oenological interventions.


The wine is different every year, but keepinng the style of the winery. It is a special experience to savour the nuances of each vintage, to find aromas and flavours typical of the land of Soria; to enjoy the dark color the wine has that harbors certain secrets to which we give names such as patience, experience, time, effort ...

The bottles are on sale at 21 euros each.


Nace la Dualidad
Tan merecida
Vino y Arte 
Simbiosis de una vida.

Y nos llega su música
Sus notas de sabor
Flores y aromas
Y un deje de placer
En un poema
Del vino y su memoria.

(fragmento del poema: "Dualidad”)

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